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Get great and best tours Komodo national park this time. Komodo is a national park in Indonesia. Komodo also is a world heritage site by UNESCO. Since 2013 Komodo national park becomes new seven natural wonder of the world.

This time Komodo national park is a world tourist destination. From time to time visitors increase. They come from so many countries. Not only foreign tourists but also domestic. All in all they come because of any reasons.

How to get tours Komodo

To get the islands of Komodo national park is so easy for this time. All tours Komodo National Park to begin with boat from Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. That is to say tours Komodo from Labuan Bajo. Regardless tours Komodo should to start from Flores island.

So that Flores island is very important for Komodo tours. The only place to start is Labuan Bajo. You only determine the direction of your flight ticket to the town of Labuan Bajo. Komodo tours are always to do together with Flores island tours.

Flight from Java island on this time

A lot of direct flights since 2013 are serving from several major cities in Indonesia. For example flight from Java island to Labuan Bajo town. There are two big cities are serving with direct flights so far.

Jakarta is the first to start your flight. Several flights are serving a day between Jakarta and Labuan Bajo, Flores. Surabaya city is also well connecting to Labuan Bajo. Two flights are go and back a day for this time.

Bali island is most of the flight up to the present time

Most and very important place is Bali Island. From there many flights every day to Labuan Bajo. If you are international boarding in Bali, then so you connect direct flight to Labuan Bajo. You can do at the same time on your arrival.

Other direct flights also can do from Makasar in the south of Sulawesi. But it’s not daily schedule. Check it on the internet. Also inter island of our province. Kupang city is capital of East Nusa Tenggara province. It’s in the west of Timor island. From there also there is daily direct flight.

To be sure all your flight connect to Labuan Bajo, Flores island

If you have plans for tours to Komodo, to be sure connect the flight to Labuan Bajo town. Because of  if you connect to other airports in Flores island, then you can’t go directly to Komodo national park. The only place to start for Komodo tours is Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo is a town located in the western part of Flores Indonesia. It is capital of west Manggarai regency. Labuan Bajo has standard facilities this time. Star hotel, restaurants, airports, bar and souvenir shops are easy to find there. The center of tour boat and Komodo travel agencies are all there

How to make tours Komodo national park

It’s so easy to make tours Komodo for this time. You need only plan how long to stay. Then find Komodo travel agency. If you have own travel agency then let to ask more information. Let to ask in detail about Komodo tours. Because of sometime you get different information from internet than you get from locals.

Find on package tours Komodo

Find so many Komodo tour packages are publishing on the internet. But look for legal agency. It’s very important for your holidays. Today is online era where every body can do online market without company. Not to force but i should to inform here.

Which islands are going to visit?

More than thirty islands of Komodo national park. The islands are for the purpose of the visiting. But two islands are very important to see on Komodo tours. That is Komodo island and Rinca island. Both Komodo and Rinca are main island to visit from time to time.

Rinca and Komodo are largest islands of Komodo national park. To there all tourists are to go. So that Komodo tours are always to see Rinca and Komodo island.

What to see on tours Komodo national park

First goal of Komodo tours is to see Komodo dragons. For this reason why Rinca and Komodo are become main islands to visit. That is to say Rinca and Komodo are the islands of Komodo dragon. Because of more than 2,000 Komodo dragons are living there.

Not only to see Komodo dragon but also see more

Important to know that you don’t only see Komodo dragon but also see wild life, wonderful corals, landscape, colorful of fishes and so much more.

The islands are to show you with great landscape. Along you are on the land, so then you see Komodo dragons, wild life and great landscape. While during you are on the sea, then so you see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

Main activities on tours Komodo national park

As long as you are on the islands, so then you do walking, trekking or hiking. That is how you to see Komodo. While you are on the sea, then so you do snorkeling to see corals and fishes.

Tour boat for Komodo tours

Boat is very important tour component for all kind of tours to Komodo. The transport to do Komodo tours from time to time. Today there are many classes of tour boat. To start from deck, cabin fan until cabin AC share or private. The tour boat can get only in Labuan Bajo town.

No public transportation for Komodo tours

Up to the present time there is not public transport for tours Komodo national park. Only private tour boat you get. Mostly the tour boat is wooden. It’s modified for tourist passengers. The tour belongs to the locals and foreigners.

Make confirm as soon as possible

As long as you need to get comfortable services, so then do it early. It’s difficult to get a boat along high season. Top of high season is coming on July and August every year.

Komodo tour packages

Komodo travel agency arranges all programs in the form of Komodo tour packages. So that easy for you how to choose. You only need to know how long to stay. Komodo tour packages are arranging to begin with daily trip until live aboard.

From the tour packages you know in detail of programs, duration as well as the tour components. In general we publish to begin with two until five days. Then next is to define your options.

Tours Komodo national park

Because of a world tourist destination, so that tours Komodo are including high traffic. For this reason why here we tell how important is early confirmation. According to our experience so far many tourists are not get comfortable because of very late confirmation.

Do it now or in the next time with early to confirm. So that, you are going on well tours. After that you get satisfactions. Let we know this time. Because of we are a first Komodo travel agency. See also our offers for Indonesia tour.

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