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Tours Komodo dragon is not only in the Komodo National Park but also in Flores island. Because of Komodo dragon not only living on the islands of Komodo. They are also living at several parts of the island of Flores Indonesia.

Komodo dragon tours here is focusing to Pota and Riung area in the north part of Flores island. Consider to the cost tours Komodo dragon to Pota and Riung are not expensive. Because of not use boat but is using car. And also can put the program together with Flores island tours. We do with overland both to start from the east or from the west part of Flores island.

Since the Komodo National Park become a premium tourism then any program and regulation are direct impact to the management system. Its complicating both for visitors and stake holder. The first problem for this time is the discourse of an increase in entry rates to the Komodo National Park.

Wildlife tour Indonesia

However Komodo Dragons are main wildlife tour Indonesia. Together with Orangutan at Borneo or Sumatra island then Komodo Dragons are Indonesia wildlife tours. You can combine tour Komodo Dragon islands with Borneo tours to see Orangutan. Or other Indonesia’s wildlife tours in other islands.

How to make tours Komodo dragons in Flores island?

Actually tours Komodo dragon at Flores island is more easy than to the islands of Komodo national park. However so many different between of those. Consider to the cost also is most cheaper to Flores than to Komodo island.

This time is so easy to make tours Komodo Flores. You only need to get Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there you begin with overland to the east. You can two place if you have more time. But if you have short time, then you do only for tours Komodo dragon at Pota village.

You need to take only 3 days go and back to Labuan Bajo town. But if you are interesting with fully tour to Flores island, then you do seven days for good result. We suggest to start from the east part of Flores, as far as you want to do with Flores overland.

Komodo dragons at Flores island

You have to know, that Komodo dragons are living in several parts along Flores island. To begin with Wae Wu’ul area in the south west of Flores. It’s very close from the town of Labuan Bajo. You don’t need to use boat to go there. You do only with walking or trekking. Along south west coastal area there are also Komodo dragon there. But it is difficult to see because of they are spreading out along the land.

Pota village is the place in the north part of Flores where Komodo dragons also are living there. It’s conservation area managing by local government. The entrance fee is not expensive if compare with the Komodo National Park.

Riung district is also located next to Pota area. It’s in the north part of Flores Island. Komodo dragons are also living there. Although so difficult to see but locals peoples have knowledge to find them. It can cross along the north part or do through in the middle of Flores island.

Flores tour packages

As long as you do tours Komodo dragon at Flores, then you should to take Flores tour package. This is not need combine to the islands of Komodo national park. Because of you see Komodo dragon on the island of Flores Indonesia. Its meant that you don’t need tour boat like a tour to Komodo.

On Flores tour packages you see Komodo dragon Indonesia on Flores island. For this reason why you only take Flores tour packages. Through Flores island you do tours Komodo dragon.

Flores Komodo dragon tours

The Flores Komodo dragons are different with Komodo dragons at the islands of Komodo national park. They are all Komodo dragons. But the size is different. Color also is different. Flores Komodo dragons are most colorful in Flores than the Komodo National Park.

First thing to remember that Komodo dragons both Komodo National Park and Flores island are same. The differently is size, color and area of living. Dragon Flores Indonesia is difficult to find when you are on the fielding. Because of they are spreading out on big land. While dragon Komodo is easy to find because of they are living on small island.

Eco tours Komodo dragon in Flores island

Due to different how to find Komodo dragon on Flores, so that to make tour usually we arrange in Eco tour packages. It’s specific or special interest tour. It’s need time to see the Komodo dragon. Also need local experience to see them. Tours Komodo dragon is a main goal of Indonesia tour destinations.

So far we have not special Eco tour packages for tours Komodo dragon on Flores island. We will arrange the programs as long as get the requests. We need time too for local arrangement. Permitted with local authority who arrange those dragon.

Tours Komodo Dragon in the north of Flores island

As long as you interest, let we know. We arrange to begin with four days and three night for Pota Area. Or eight days for Riung and Pota area. To do this we need at least two months prior to your arrival. That is condition of any tour companies in Indonesia.

Don’t hesitate to ask with our team. For this reason why we are here. We publish any article for tours Komodo dragon Flores from time to time. In the hope that our offers meet with your requirement. So that local tour company wait your news now. Or maybe you want to do in the next time. They always help you any time. Come and join them now and next time.

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