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Get all in all tours Indonesia here. Find one or more islands of Indonesia. Those all aim to visit the islands of Indonesia. However travelers should to know which islands are going to visit. Which places are are going to see. Several islands, regions and places can find here. As long as you have plans travel to our country, then find some of information on the following article. Look in detail of travel information for your Indonesia tours.

Indonesia is rich with tropical flora and fauna. Find different between one to another island. See the diversity of nature, culture, language, ethnics as well as religion. To see those all diversity in a country. Visit a country with so many islands. That is first goal of tours Indonesia.

How to make tours Indonesia

To make travel to Indonesia is so easy. First you have to plan which islands to go. Next is to find some articles as your references. Or you can ask directly to the Indonesia tour company. Then you wait the respond. As far as you make inter island tour, then ask all in all the islands where you are going to. So that you fit the place to visit on tours Indonesia.

After that you can make decision which island as the finally to visit. Then you can book with a travel agency or maybe looking for another Indonesian tour operators. It’s because there are many tour operator can arrange your Indonesia tours. Please select better one for you. Any other process just come along what the agency is telling you.

Where to start Indonesia tours

You can do from wherever you want. First you only to know which airport of your international arrival. However you can start from there. If the destination is far from there, then you have to make a connecting flight. We suggest you just ask to your travel partner in Indonesia. Where you get all in all the information.

As far as you make a local tour in Indonesia, then you can contact directly to the local travel agency. But please select the right tour operator. Because of many online travel this time where some of them without licenses. It’s so important for your guarantee. Because of legal tour company is giving more guarantee for any transactions. First thing to remember how to check it. First is to see official telephone or Fax number.

Because of license travel company should has official telephone and Fax number. It’s the Indonesia’s low how to run the business. Next is to check your payment. As long as you pay to the company account number, then you go on right place. But if you pay to the personal account, then you with illegal tour operator.

How to get Indonesia tour company

Just go to find on the internet. Or maybe you recommend from other peoples or your friends. After that ask them whatever your plans. Then you wait their respond. You also contact local travel agency on one island or place. Maybe you get cheaper with local tour organizer. You only to know the legal or not. As i explain above. To be sure your Indonesia tours go with right travel company.

Usually tour operator ask for a deposit. Percentage is deposit depending on a tour company. Just come along what they explain you. Usually tour operator give you a tour condition and policy. Then you only wait the time to go. Finally you fix with Indonesia tours now.

Indonesia tour conditions

Because of Indonesia is a largest archipelago, so that most of tour should to cross from one to another islands. For this reason why domestic flights are very important. So that you can connect from one to other places. Normally a tour agency charge the domestic flights to include in the services. But it’s depending on your plan. To be sure your flight for before make Indonesia tours.

You can do by your own. Because of you can issue the ticket from many places. Just tell the tour company whether you need flight services or not. That is all. So that you know in detail of tours Indonesia.


Each island or place maybe different conditions of the hotel. So that you have to come along local condition. But it depends which places are going. Usually the tour company make a list of hotel every place. So that you know what kind of hotel you use. This is important to know for tours Indonesia.

Please remember that at some area trip is using a boat. Maybe because of island tour. There is daily trip and also do with live aboard. For example; trip Borneo, tour Komodo, trip Riung, trip Gillis at Lombok and other places. You will get in detail from your tour company. If you know this condition, so that you know how to do tours Indonesia.

Domestic flights

This time Indonesia has good flight connections. There are so many airports have built and are building. For those reasons why so easy to connect now. Check the routes of flights firstly. But if you do flight services with tour company, then just wait for the news. After that you have an Indonesia tours.

Only some isolation area can’t do the flights. Maybe you need to connect with a boat or ship. You have to ask in detail with local tour company. As far as you get clear information, so that you can make decision. Then Indonesia tours are on your hand now.

Indonesia tour guide

However tour is an important tour component. With them your trip is running. You always go together with a tour guide. Except you make order without a tour guide. Most of Indonesian tour guide are English speaking. Only few places are speaking other languages. For example; Bali island tour, Java island tours and several places.

Don’t worry about our tour guide. Because they are all registering on Indonesian tour guide association. As long as you book tour company, so that you get guarantee for legal tour guide. Let you learn our country through Indonesia tours.

Package tours Indonesia

Most of Indonesia tours are getting in the form of Indonesia tour packages. Some tour companies are not put all the tour packages on website. Maybe some tour packages are publishing as the sample in general. Normally you get completely whenever you ask the tour company.

As long as you need to get more travel information, then ask to Indonesian travel companies. Our position here is only a bridge. If you need us to recommend, then we do. We have several partners for your Indonesia tours. But they are not association with us. We are here to bridge you. For this reason we present. From time to time we do. Just to help you. In the hope that meet with your plans. Go tours Indonesia now. Find the best tropical country. Look in detail what we have.

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