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Tourism Indonesia all in all are here. Learn more here. Get tips before visit. To be sure you get real information. But we don’t arrange Indonesia tours. We are here only to give any travel information of Indonesia tourism destinations. Maybe you want to visit our country. A lot of tourist attractions to see in Indonesia. Read more our articles here for tourism Indonesia.

Because of Indonesia is largest archipelago, then you need to know more. To start from the west to the east part. Or from the north to the south part of Indonesia. Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands. All the islands are interesting to visit. And all islands are become main Indonesia tourism destinations.

Make sure the islands to visit on tourism Indonesia

How to make sure the islands to visit? Perhaps you have to know what do you want to see. That is very important. So that you can define the islands to visit. For example; you want to see the Komodo Dragons. If so, you should visit the islands of Komodo national park. Because of Komodo Dragons are living there. After that you have to know which part in Indonesia. That is how to define the island to visit.

That is because of Indonesia tourism can find in so many islands. Sometime you confuse how to choose. Look outline explanation about Indonesia tourism destinations below. Perhaps it gives you as reference prior to visit Indonesia. But not all the islands to explain. We explain only for popular destinations.

Java island tours

The popular tourist attractions are Borobudur and Prambana temple. It’s in the middle of Java island. Maybe you also to see Jakarta city. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. In the east of Java island there is Bromo mount crater. Following with other attractions there. That is general tour destination at Java island. Not meant that there is not other tourist attractions. There are so many tourist attractions to see there. Java is well growing of tourism Indonesia. All kind of transports are well running. To do a tour, you just find Java island tour packages.

Borneo island tours

Here the island to see Orangutan, Proboscis monkeys, birds and other wildlife. This is to visit Tanjung Puting National Park. The great and best place to see Orangutan from time to time. Accommodation is available on the boat or KLOTOK calling by locals. Boat is the only transport to cross the river there.

You just check flight routes and schedule to Pangkalan Bun. The only airport can connect you to there. Wildlife is also a popular of tourism Indonesia. To reach there you can begin with flight from Jakarta or Semarang city. While to make a tour, then find Borneo tour packages.

Get tours Komodo National Park – New premium tourism Indonesia

The only place on earth you see the Komodo Dragons. Yes of course you only see Komodo Dragons on their natural habitat. There are two islands to visit. Rinca and Komodo island. That is to say the island of Komodo Dragon. Wild animals, wonderful of corals and colorful of fishes are all in all there to see. It’s a new seven natural wonder of the world since 2013. See the best tourism Indonesia now and in the next time is Komodo.

Komodo tours from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya and more places to begin with a flight. All your flights should to point to Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. From there all tours Komodo to begin with a boat. To make a tour, just find Komodo tour packages or daily Komodo tours from Bali.

Boat is the only transport to cross the islands of Komodo national park. Not more transports can used. More than thirty islands can see there. This time Komodo National Park is a super premium of tourism Indonesia. To there most of tourist now to visit.

Bali island tours – Barometer of tourism Indonesia

So many peoples know about Bali. Bali is barometer of Indonesia tourism from time to time. A lot of tourist attractions can see around Bali island. Bali is growing well of tourism facilities. To begin with deluxe hotel, restaurants, bar and so much more.

Well-known with arts, cultures, nature and Hinduism. You can do daily trip from the hotel you are staying. Shopping or relaxing on the beach you can any time. To do a tour, you just find Bali tour packages or daily Bali tour. Indonesia tourism standard is Bali first. Now we have ten new Bali tourism standard in Indonesian.

Lombok island tours

Second paradise of Indonesia tourism. But it only brand to know more about Lombok island. So much thing to see there. Beaches with so many small islands are main tour attraction. On the land you can see the Sasak tribe with their traditional village. Three Gillis are the best islands for relaxing, snorkeling and more.

The best tour for this time is Rinjani summit trek. This is highlight of Lombok tourism Indonesia since long time ago. Don’s ask transportation there. Because of everything are so easy. Also hotel, restaurant and more are well supporting. To do a tour you just find Lombok tour packages or daily Lombok island tours. See also daily trip to Gillis or other small islands around.

Flores island tours

Together with Komodo tours so that Flores island is a tour destination in Indonesia. Flores is a part of Indonesia tourism since 1980 up to the present time. For this reason Flores is an island you should to visit. So many tourist attractions to see. In general to see is nature, culture, hand weaving and so much more.

But the best place to visit is Kelimutu three colored lake. It’s in the middle of Flores island. It is main Flores tourism Indonesia. There are so many traditional villages or houses, hand weaving and more. Go and find now with Flores tour packages or Flores Komodo tour packages. Flights are well connecting from several cities in Indonesia. You can do to the east or west part for your flights.

Sulawesi island tours

It’s great tourism Indonesia since long time ago until this time. Toraja land is well-known tour destination there. However Toraja is uniquely culture tour so far. You only find at Sulawesi island. Drive from Makasar city to Toraja with overland tour. See the mystic burial system. Then see their traditional villages are calling Tongkonan. To do a tour you just find Sulawesi tour packages or Sulawesi island tours.

There are so many place to visit there. To start from south, north, west, east and in the middle of Sulawesi island. Just find more at articles of tourism Indonesia. 

Furthermore tourism Indonesia

Those are above in general popular tourist destinations. Because of Indonesia has so many tour destinations. Not only above islands to visit but also other islands in Indonesia. We can’t explain at all here. Maybe you see on the articles to read more. There are so much more to see and so many islands to visit. Just find out in our articles here.

Indonesia tour packages

As long as you interest to make holidays then find Indonesia tour packages. So that you find all information. And also you see the programs. See in detail in the package tours Indonesia. To get Indonesia tour packages, just find Indonesia tour companies. So you get tour in detail. Whatever you want to do for Indonesia tourism. They help you very well.

Travel and tour companies Indonesia

As long as you need to get holidays, then just contact travel and tour companies Indonesia. They help you to organize Indonesia tours. Get information with them in detail. So that you can go with comfortable trip. They know more about tourism Indonesia. If you need us to recommend, so that we help.

Accommodation and restaurant

Each island or region maybe you get different classes of hotel. It’s depending on local situation every place. But normally accommodation is standard as long as the tour company arranged. Food also is different each place but all standard menu. European, American, Chinese and Indonesian are serving in general to visitors. This time all meals are supporting tourism Indonesia with normal standard.

Local transportation

Both land sea are well serving. Except for special tour to the country side, needed special cars. In general all cars are serving with AC. Several regions you have to use local wooden boat to make shortly trip. To begin with daily trip or live aboard. Several places are using class of the boat. For daily trip is using deck or no cabin. But live aboard is using cabin or room. To start from cabin fan, cabin AC and cabin AC with private bathroom. You can choose class of boat at the same time to confirm your Indonesia tour package.

Tourism Indonesia

Here we don’t arrange a tour. We are here only to publish articles. So that you can contact tour company. Maybe you need local also to arrange your trip. Our articles to help you to know more about tourism Indonesia. We can help you to give recommend only. Recommend which tour company you take. It’s also as far as you trust to recommend.

Read more what we publish here. Don’t hesitate to contact as long as you have a question. We are here for this reason. Of course we are here to help you. Whatever to ask about tourism Indonesia. Our team give respond as soon as possible. But again we don’t offer tours Indonesia.

Come and join now. Write also your comments here. Maybe you have experience in Indonesia. Just tell us. Then we put it. But it’s only for tourism Indonesia. Tourism Indonesia is all in all here. In the hope that meet your plans. Get our news for this time or in the next time. Welcome to Indonesia.

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