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Borneo tours are all in all here to know tour to Tanjung Puting National Park. It’s one of the best tours in Indonesia from time to time. Because of Borneo tour is to do for special interest. Yes of course trip Borneo is a wildlife tour Indonesia.

Maybe you interest to do trip Borneo this time, so that we can give information. It’s in the central of Kalimantan. The second biggest island in Indonesia. To there so many tourists visit from time to time.

What is to see there

First goal of Borneo tours is to see Orangutan. The world uniquely wildlife that is only find in Indonesia. Not only to see Orangutan there but also to see proboscis monkey and other wildlife.

Boat for Borneo tours at Tanjung Puting National Park

Boat is very important for Borneo tours so far. Because of boat is the only transport to use. No other transports. That is only the boat to cross the river. So far there are boat with air conditioning. So that you get more comfortable trip. You can choose which one is prefer.

But all tour boats are soft adventure. Maybe is better for you to see differently. It’s good for seeing more different than others.

Borneo tour packages

Just find Borneo tours package here. Or find in the internet. If you need us to recommend, so that we can. Because of we are bridge for travel Indonesia. Borneo is one of the best Indonesia tour package for this time.

As long as you interest, then ask our team. So that we give to the Indonesia tour company. After that you ask in detail with them. Borneo tours are all in all here.

Borneo tours

Borneo Tours to Tanjung Puting National Park Indonesia

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