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Lombok Island Indonesia

So many tourists know about the island of Lombok. Lombok is an island of Indonesia in the east part of Bali. Because of Lombok island has similar with Bali, so that peoples also call second Bali island. Similarity is to the tourism development. But culture, tradition and way of life are differently. Several peoples call the second paradise island.

So far Lombok island is well developing infrastructures all the over the land. Lombok island is one of the best tourist destination in Indonesia. To begin with nature, culture, tradition, marine life, beach and more are main tourist attractions. South of the island is very well-known place to visit. That is Senggigi beach.

What to see there

There is so many tourist attractions in Lombok island. Rinca summit is one of Indonesia’s volcano trek. For this reason it’s one of main destination there. Three Gillis are the best island to stay this time. Gili Meno, Trawangan and Gili Manuk are the place visiting by tourists from time to time. The facilities are growing well with so many sea activities can do.

Lombok Indonesia

Lombok Indonesia

Sasak tribe with their tradition village and hand weaving. Kuta beach is one of best destination for this time. There are so many more tourist attractions can see. It’s so easy to go from one to another places. Because of roads are well connecting. Cars are easy to get at any places. Lombok island is one of Indonesia tours without challenge for local transports. Absolutely is well roads with good condition and connections.

How to get there

This time is so easy to get Lombok island. You can do from so many islands around Indonesia. Not only through air but also sea transports. Especially to connect between Bali and Lombok island. International airport in the middle of Lombok island. You can connect to several countries. Fast boat is using hourly between Bali and Lombok island.

However flights are serving every hour from many major cities in Indonesia. You can do any time for domestic flights. Next to Lombok is Sumbawa island. If you have time you can together with Sumbawa island tour. You just go the east of the island. Then from there you get Ferry boat to south of Sumbawa island. You only need two hour for a way. Sumbawa island also is showing many tourist attractions.

Package tour Lombok island

As long as you want to visit, then just find a tour packages. Normally local tour companies are offering so many tour packages. You just define how many days going to visit. Please choose with right tour company. So that you get great holidays. All tour packages can depart any time. Tour packages are to begin with daily or overnight. Especially to do Rinjani summit trek.

Gillis island

Gillis island

But most of tours are doing with daily. To begin with picking up services at your hotel. Here we recommend to do 3 days Lombok tour package. That is minimum to visit Lombok island. So that you can several parts of Lombok island. You need more days if you do tour to Gilli and Rinjani summit trek. As long as you several islands, so you can through Indonesia tour packages. So that Lombok island is one the place to visit on once visiting. Because of there are Indonesia tour companies are offering inter island tour.

Lombok travel agencies

There are so many tour companies you can get to help your holidays. But please carefully to choose. For any pages i am always saying to take legal tour company. It’s so important as long as you book directly to the local tour operator. Ask in detail about daily programs, hotel, meals, cars and cost per person.

If you meet right tour company, then you book to them. Make sure how many days to stay there. There are so many options for hotel classes. Lombok island has many star hotel to stay. You can tell what kind of hotel you need on holidays.

Lombok island tours

As long as you interest, then ask to local travel companies. Or maybe you do with Bali travel companies. Because of it’s so close from Bali island. Many tour companies are offering with daily departure from Bali island. Or you just find Indonesian tour companies who offer inter island tours. That is to say Indonesia tour packages to visit several islands for once visiting.

You can do with Ema Tour Indonesia. It’s Indonesia’s tour company offering inter island tours. To be sure your time to make tour to Lombok island. Fix total days then find the travel agencies. Make an early booking to get comfortable trip. Ask to our team you need to get furthermore information. But we don’t arrange your tour here. We do connect with local tour companies.

Welcome to Lombok island Indonesia.

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