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Komodo National Park Tours

Komodo national park tours is in general information about trip to the islands of Komodo Dragon. It’s in the middle of Indonesia. Or it is in the east part of Bali island. That is to say tours Dragons island. There are several islands inhabiting by Dragons. Those islands are Komodo, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Gili Motang. To there visitors are visiting from time to time. But not all the islands to visit. Most of tourists are visiting the island of Komodo and Rinca.

Tours Komodo National Park is so easy to do this time. Because of many tour boat can do daily from Flores island. From there all tours Komodo national park to start. The Komodo national park consist of thirty more islands. Komodo island is largest island in the park. That is so many peoples to visit from time to time. The second largest island is Rinca. It’s similar but different in size.

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Padar island

Both Rinca and Komodo island are main tourist destination. Those two island is always visited by tourists every day. Because of more than two thousand Dragons are living there. While at Nusa Kode and Gili Motang island are not so many Dragons. Also those islands are so far from Flores island. Need more than five hours to get there from Flores island. For this reason why those two islands are using for special tour. That is to say Eco tour packages.

How to make tours to there

First you just search tours Komodo National Park. Then find the information what you need. After that find the Komodo travel agency. So that you get any information from them. Please make clearly at all prior to make deal. Or get other reference to other travel blogs. Maybe you get more information.

Usually all Komodo National Park tours arrange in the form of package tours Komodo. It’s so easy to find any tour program. Just go and find information through tour company. If you think meet with your plans, then make it deal. It’s a first important Indonesia tours so far.

Boat tours Komodo national park

There are several classes of the tour boat. This time all boat are serving well standard. Except local boat that is not registered to the master harbor. But they are not belong the tour company. Normally all boat belong or rent by tour company are standard facilities. So that you don’t worry as far as you use the boat from tour company.

Pink beach Komodo

Pink beach

Classes of boat tours Komodo national park

Deck class is the boat without cabin or room. Deck class boat is using for daily trip. Depart in the morning and returning in the afternoon. So that you don’t need to get cabin boat. Because of you don’t sleep on the boat.

Cabin fan is the boat using fan and share bathroom. Basically cabin boat fan is using for economy class. The cost also is following the facilities. There are maximum four three cabin. It is suitable for individual, couple and small family.

AC cabin with share bathroom. It’s bigger than cabin boat fan. The cabin usually use maximum eight room. Bathroom is sharing with each other along the trip. There are several bathroom but depending on size. There is also only a bathroom on the boat. It’s for three or four cabin. More than five cabin usually is using two bathroom.

Boat AC with private bathroom. That is kind of the boat as deluxe class. From this class there are also sub class. Because of there are several boat using luxury facilities. So all facilities almost looks like a hotel. To know more about deluxe class boat, let ask to the Komodo tour company.

You have ask in detail the class of boat since first communication. Then you make deal at the same time to confirm a tour package. So that your tour company keep the schedule. It’s very important you do on high season. High season is coming on July, August, Christmas and New year,

How to get there

So far it’s so easy to get the islands of Komodo national park. You only need to get Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island. Because of from there all tours Komodo national park to begin with a boat. To be sure your flight point to Labuan Bajo town. This time there several cities are connecting with direct flight to Labuan Bajo. For this reason why you do so easy to get there.

Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar and Bali island are the main place to begin with your direct flights. But most flights are coming from Bali island up to the present time. Jakarta and Surabaya are connecting two flight a day now. Please fix your return flight. Of course you have fit with length of stay. As far as you have a return flight ticket, then please make a deal with tour company.

Flores Komodo tours

Because of Flores island is starting point for tours Komodo national park, so that it’s so important place to start. You can’t do tours Komodo without Flores island. The only place you do for Komodo tours. However Labuan Bajo town is heart of all kind for tours Komodo national park.

That is to say Flores Komodo tour. Means that Komodo tour to begin with a boat from Flores island. Coupled with Flores tour is a main tourist destination for this time. For this reason why Flores tour and Komodo tour are doing altogether. Rest of time usually you do for shortly trip around Labuan Bajo town. Flores tours is a part of Indonesia tour packages from time to time.

Komodo tour packages

To make easy how to see in detail of the programs, so check it on Komodo tour packages. So many options there to do. Komodo tour packages are collection of all in all tours Komodo National Park. Save your time to arrange on the field. We suggest you not use share or open trip. It’s very bad and danger. Because of you have to wait the schedule, fix program, price is low and should to go as far as passengers book in minimum cost.

So many tourists cancel because of not enough passengers for once departure. This kind of tours Komodo national park give very bad impression so far. But if you want to get cheaper, so that is right way to choose. You have to wait the schedule. You can’t change the program because all fix.

We suggest to choose private Komodo tour packages. That is give comfortable for tours Komodo national park. Imagine if you cancel two time, just to wait for Komodo national park tours. You waste your time there. Also you know how you stay on the boat with so many peoples.

Komodo National Park tours

That is in general information for tours Komodo national park. So if you need to get in detail, please find tour company for your tours. Because of they are always give the real information. But you should to check legal or not. Because of many online market you find on the internet this time. Several of them are legal. But most of them not license travel company.

Just go check up the official telephone and Fax number. Because it’s condition how to get license from the Indonesian government. After that you check also on payment process. If use personal bank account, so that is not legal tour company. Please check clearly prior to book.

As long as you interest tours Komodo national park, then find the legal tour company this time. To be sure you go on the right travel company. If you need our recommendation, so that we do. But everything is from you. You make plans. The ask to the tour company.

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