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Komodo Tours Package

Komodo tours package are all in all aim to visit the islands of Komodo national Park. To do Komodo tours package you can begin with flights from several islands in Indonesia. This is world tourist destination from time to time. For this reason tourists visit Komodo National Park every day. However package tours Komodo become premium tourist destination of Indonesia.

Most of package tours Indonesia are offering together with Komodo tour. Because of it’s the best tour destination so far. So many peoples are looking for Indonesia tour to Komodo. It’s so easy to do now. So that tourists increase from time to time. Not only foreigners to visit but also domestic tourists. But how to go there, what to see, what to do and where to get tour companies. Those all questions are coming up to the present time.

How to get there

The place you are going to visit of course to Komodo National Park. It’s located in the middle of Indonesia. Not so far from Bali island. It’s including Lesser Sunda islands to begin from Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara province. To go there is so easy now. First thing to remember Flores island is the bridge to visit the islands of Komodo national park. From there all package tours Komodo to begin with a boat.

But so many questions are coming. Why we have to go through Flores island for Komodo tours? Can we go directly to the islands of Komodo national park? How we can get Komodo island? Those are all questions are always coming on any media this time. To answer those questions, then look here a moment. I explain in detail here.

You can’t go directly to the islands of Komodo national park without Flores island. Because of Komodo national park is conservation area. So that there is not transport connect directly to there. The only way is to take private boat. All boats are in the town of Labuan Bajo. It’s in the west part of Flores island. That is to say package Komodo tours however should to start from west Flores island.

Flight for Komodo tours package

As i am explaining above, that you need to go Flores island first. After that you start from Flores island to go Komodo National Park. You should go to west Flores island. To get west Flores island, you have to know the town to go. Labuan Bajo town is the place to go first. To reach Labuan Bajo town, you have to connect domestic flights from several cities in Indonesia.

This time several cities are connecting direct flights to and from Labuan Bajo town. It’s depart every day. Even more than a flight per day. You can do the flight from Jakarta with three direct flight per day. While there is one flight with transit. Direct flight also is connecting from Surabaya city. It’s in the east of Java island. But it’s one flight only per day. Schedule flight is connecting from Makasar city. It’s in the south of Sulawesi island. Kupang city in the west of Timor is connecting with direct flight also to Labuan Bajo town.

Most of traffic flights to Labuan Bajo town is from Bali island. More than four direct flights per day. You just cehck the schedules. To this condition, then you can make daily Komodo tours from Bali island. You can do also from Jakarta, Surabaya and other cities in Indonesia. But it’s limited direct flight. Your task is just choose one of Komodo tours package.

How to choose Komodo tour packages

First you have check flights. Which place to begin with your flight. If you have issued your ticket, then go to next process. Make sure how many days you want to do. So that you issue return ticket. Then find or search Komodo tours package. After that choose one of package tours Komodo or more. Then ask in detail of program, routes, boat and cost per person.

Choose the right tour company. We suggest take local tour companies. But make sure the tour company is legal or not. Because of it’s very important for your comfortable. It’s easy to check legal or not legal. First check the official telephone and FAX number. Because of it’s one important condition how to set up the tour company in Indonesia.

After that you see the account number of bank of them. If use personal account number, so it’s not legal. All legal tour company are using with beginning or ending with PT. If you don’t find it, that is not legal tour company. For this reason we suggest ask not only for a tour company in the beginning. But ask several online travel marketing. So that you have chance to choose which tour company you go.

Be carefully for this online era. We should to tell you here. Just in case. Choose right package tours Komodo together with right tour company. Then you get comfortable services. We recommend to use legal Komodo tour company. In the hope that give the best and safety for you.

Classes of boat on package tours Komodo

There are several classes of the boat. First is deck boat or boat without cabin. It’s usually to use when you don’t like stay on the boat. It means that you stay at hotel along the touring. The hotel is in the town of Labuan Bajo. Then from there you do daily trip. Go in the morning and return in the afternoon to Labuan Bajo town. All kind of this trip are using deck boat.

While cabin boat is using for live aboard. Or you stay on the boat. To begin with 1 night or more to stay on the boat. Cabin boat has classes to choose. You can choose cabin fan or AC but share bathroom. Or you choose cabin AC with private bathroom. You choose class of the boat at the same time to confirm a package tours Komodo. Then so to be clear your trip.

Don’t worry about meals. We give guarantee you get fresh food any time. Chef cook for you along the trip. Even you do daily trip, it’s cooking food. Not use lunch box. Except you choose speed boat. If you choose speed boat, then you get lunch box. Because of on the speed boat not permitted to cook.

Services to start for package tours Komodo

Most of legal tour companies are serving to begin with picking up at the airport. From there the tour guide meet you. After that you go according to the program. The programs according to your contract with a Komodo tour company. Several Komodo tour companies are serving also from Bali island or Jakarta as well as Surabaya city. But it’s only for transfer from hotel to airport there. The real service is to begin from airport of Labuan Bajo town. You will be ending at the same place. That is airport of Labuan Bajo.

Komodo tours package

Contact your Komodo tour agency as long as you interest. Again we suggest use legal tour company. We can help to recommend. But it’s depending of you. As long as you trust, the we do. All tour companies for Komodo tours are not associated with us so far. We here to publish article. Not to offer Komodo tours package as well.

If you have any questions about Komodo tours package, let we know. Maybe our respond give you better understand. For this reason we are here. From time to time we publish article. In the hope that meet your plans. Find us now or in the next time. Perhaps you need to get more information. Just ask our team. Then you get it this time. Or in the next future.

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