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Indonesia Tour Packages

Indonesia tour packages are collection of Indonesia tours as well as Indonesia island tour. Here is right way to see in detail of Indonesia tour. Because of Indonesia is largest country of the world, then you need to know the different between the island. So that you define which part to go.

Here we don’t put the programs. But we only show the destination to visit. So that you can decide which islands or part for first choice. If you confuse how to choose, then let we know. Or if you confuse which part to go, then just find us, so that we can give recommendation the place to visit.

We don’t publish packages tour Indonesia here. But we publish on official site specialize for tourism business. A lot of Indonesia tour packages are available there. Please kindly to find all in all at Komodo Mega Tours or Ema Tour. Those websites are running for Indonesia travel business.

The islands to visit on Indonesia tour packages

Although our focusing to arrange tours to the islands of Komodo national park and the island of Flores, but we do also tour to other islands. Flores Komodo tours are our home. That is to say first place of our tourism business. While other islands are organizing for large Indonesia tours.

We have inter island tour packages. You can do several islands for once holidays. It will cross from one to another islands. We have Java Komodo tour, Borneo Java Komodo tour, Bali Lombok Komodo, Borneo Java Bali Flores Komodo tour and so much more.

The popular islands to arrange so far are Java, Borneo, Bali, Lombok, Sulawesi, Flores and Komodo. To those islands we arrange Indonesia ours from time to time. Komodo Mega Tours is a specific arrangement for travel Flores Komodo. While Ema Tour is specialized for inter island tour Indonesia.

What to see on Indonesia tour packages

A lot of tourist attractions we have in Indonesia. Because of Indonesia is largest archipelago, of course we have a lot tourist destination. To begin with nature, culture, tradition, historical, wild life, corals and so many more. We have so many islands to visit and so many place inside to see. Indonesia is colorful of peoples, languages, religion, culture, tradition and more.

Borobudur is a seven wonder of the world. Komodo island is also a new seven natural wonder of the world since 2013. Both Borobudur and Komodo national park are world tourist destination. Many tourists visit every year from many country. Most of the visitors come to see those world wonder.

Programs of Indonesia tour packages

As a travel company or tour organizer of Indonesian, of course we arrange tour programs any time as long as you ask our services. You can go with the programs what we have on tour package. You can also ask a new program as long as you don’t find.

Because of we are tour operator Indonesia, then we arrange programs according to our experience and of course update from time to time. You only plan your holidays, then we arrange everything. If you don’t see according to your plan, then ask to our team.

As long as you want to do inter-island tours, so that programs also arranged along the route. We here, do always organize following with flight routes. So that you go also following the those flight routes.

Price of Indonesia tour packages

In any website we have so far, we don’t put price each tour package. It’s just in case if something change on the field. But the other important reasons are communication, any change and more. Communication is very important for us. We don’t do instantly.

You get price as far as you ask something to our team. Usually price is sending to you together with programs and more. Or price is giving to you on the same time we send a tour package.


We select hotel according to local condition each destination. But we do with best select every places. You can ask for cheaper hotel. It’s depending on your budget. In several area you use tour boat. At the same time you use as accommodation. We serve well hotel or boat for Indonesia tour packages.

Usually if you do short islands trip from main lain or river crossing. For example; Borneo tour, Komodo tour, Gillis or Riung trip. Some places are using only with short trip or daily trip. But other places are using for living aboard. Especially when you do trip Komodo and trip Borneo.

Domestic flights

Flights are doing according to route you want to go. But sometime we do consider with domestic flight connections. So far flight connections are so easy to connect from one to other islands.

Domestic flights can to include in our services or not. It depends on your prefer to take. In some case we don’t do for domestic flights on Indonesia tour packages. But we suggest to include in our services as long as you do inter island tour. Because of you will not confuse to issue the flight from one to another. As far as you wan to do by your own, then we don’t mind also.

Meals on Indonesia tour

Meals are serving with European, Chinese and Indonesian food. We guarantee all meals are standard food. Except for short island trip or daily trip. In some case we do a lunch box. But it is depending on local situation. To summarize that all food on Indonesia tour packages are well standard.

Tour guide

Most of our tour guide Indonesia are speaking English. Other speakings are needed a request. Most of them are belong to our travel company. But other tour guide are freelance. All tour guide we have up to the present time are from the Indonesian association of tour guide. It’s meant that they are legal. They are important person for you on Indonesia tour packages.

Indonesia tour packages

As far as you interest one of our tour package, then send an email. Since first communication you process at all with our team. It’s so easy to do. Just ask any time to our team. As long as you agree then the last process is payment. To begin with a deposit you do until to cash payment.

Don’t hesitate to ask our team any time. For this reason why we are here. From time to time we publish article of Indonesia tourism. In the hope that our offers meet with your plans. Maybe you do this time or in the next time. Ask whatever you want to do.

Please do early confirmation on high season. It’s very important to get guarantee for all. So that you get well services. This time send your news to the tour company. Find tour company now orĀ  in the next time. In the hope that become your partner.

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