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Flores Island And So Much More

Flores island and so much more to see. Flores is an island of Indonesia. Location in the southeast of Indonesia. It’s in the next island of Bali and West Nusa Tenggara province. Long story since migration period up to the present time. Uniquely with a lot of different than other islands of Indonesia.

Maybe not so many tourists know about Flores Island. It is an island of East Nusa Tenggara province. The island where most of tourists to visit to our province so far. Flores means Flower according to Portuguese. It’s not because the island has so many flower but because of rich with corals. Portuguese, Dutch and Japan are the country who have been on Flores island.

Flores tour

Flores Indonesia

The island of Flores knows by many tourist out there since colonialism era. For this reason why so many tourists visit Flores from time to time. The island is the center of Catholic religion in Indonesia. It’s influenced by Portuguese and Dutch colonials. However it is running until this time.

How to get there

This time is easy to get Flores island. Because of many flights are connecting to there from other islands in Indonesia. So that visitors can get so easily how to issue the flight tickets. And then flights are serving for daily. Direct flights are possibility from and to the island.

So far Flores has six airports. But only three airports are largest connections. They are Maumere, Ende and Labuan Bajo town. As far as you want to visit in the east part of Flores, so you do through Maumere town. While if you want to get in the middle of Flores, then so do it to Ende town. In the west part of Flores we have Komodo airport. It’s in the town of Labuan Bajo. The high traffic airport in Flores and East Nusa Tenggara province. Here is the main gate to make a trip to Komodo National Park.

Sea transports also connect well coupled with many harbors around Flores island. But it’s not good for tourists to take it, because of need long time to reach. So that flights are important to visit there. That is condition we tell you here of Indonesia tourism.

What to see there

That is reason why the title Flores island and so much more here. So far Flores is main tourist destination. It’s high traffic tourist since travelers era. There are so much to see along Flores island. In general to see the wonderful of nature, tradition, corals, endemic birds, way of life and so much more.

We have many traditional villages or houses to see. Each regency has own traditional village or house. It’s because of each regency has a tradition. Flores grows with colorful of tradition. For this reason why locals are speaking more than six languages along the island. Flores is center of hand weaving in Indonesia. Almost local women do their hand weaving as daily working.

Beyond on the main land, there so many small islands surrounding of Flores. Several groups of the islands are using for snorkeling or diving. For example; Riung 17 islands and Maumere bay. Those islands are all located in the north part. Those the places to see wonderful of corals and colorful fishes.

Highlight to see there

Kelimutu is three colored lake in the middle of Flores island. This is a highlight tour to there. The first goal to visit the island of Flores Indonesia. The wonderful of nature and dramatic sight. The volcano resource was from several eruption in several period hundred years ago. Other highlights are traditional villages or houses, Riung 17 islands and hand weaving villages. Most of those attractions can see but depending of package tour you choose. If you do longer tour of course you see more along the island.

Kelimutu is a national park in Indonesia with many Flora and Faunas. Special tour also arrange for bird exploration around the park. Endemic birds also can find there. But you need make special trip to do it. Its beyond the wonderful of Kelimutu lake. All Flores tour packages arrange Kelimutu lake become main tour program from time time. Because of this is the first goal of any tour to Flores island.

Flores travel agencies

Following tourism development grow so good, then locals also supporting with human resource. This time there are many travel and tour operator along the island. It’s to support tourism industry. So that locals can get job. It’s good impact of tourism so far. But please also to check about the legality. Maybe you know so many peoples are doing online market.

For this reason i suggest visitors to use legal travel company. It’s give you more secure on your holidays. But how to check it? So easy how you check it. Just check the official telephone and Fax number. If in the online is using only mobile, so that it’s not legal.

Because of the low not permit license without official telephone or Fax number. The second is to check the account number. Yes of course it is so important on license tour operator. All legal tour company Indonesia, should to use company’s account number. It’s to show legal or not. If use personal bank account, so that you know it’s not legal tour company.

Look in detail before make a payment. Use company’s account or personal of the bank. Check careful the telephone and Fax number. Again i say not mobile number. My information here not to force you but to safe you from any illegal transactions. After that you make decision to legal Flores tour company.

Flores tour packages

For making a tour of course you overland both to start from the east and west part. But most of programs on tour operator to start from the east part. Because of Flores tour not doing alone but also with tour Komodo. It’s rarely to find tourists only to do Flores tour. Most of tourists do Flores and Komodo tour altogether. For this reason why tour companies arrange tour Flores to start from east part.

Flores Indonesia

Flores Indonesia

All tour to begin with overland by cars. This time all cars are using air conditioning. The only public transports are not using AC. But several travel services are also use AC. Because of Flores topography is mountainous and hilly, so that the tour always make overnight each capital of regency. This is to escape from long driving every day. Most of the roads are pavement. Pavement is not only on main road but also find until the village.

So that if you do tour Flores, then you have any problem for the road this time. Maybe to several isolation area still bad road. But development is running well from year to year. To get furthermore about tour packages, then find local tour company there.

Flores island and so much more

Here i would to tell you, find the right tour company as far as you want to do travel. Not only to do travel in Flores island but also other islands or places in Indonesia. With this information, then you know the goal. As long as you need local tour company, then we can give recommend. But all tour operators are not association with our travel blog. Here is all in all tours Indonesia islands.

Here we only a bridge to them but not for our commission. We are independent travel blog Indonesia. Our task to give you recommend as we know well all over Indonesia. For this reason why we are here. We are here to help you. As long as you need as to bridge you. Don’t trust us as far as you confuse. What we do here is a passion. Not to do for business. Finally we welcome you to Flores this time. Or maybe you do in the next time. Let we know now or in the next time. In the hope that our working meet with your plans.

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