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Borneo Tours Discover Orangutan

Borneo tours this time become a first tourist destination in Indonesia. However to see Orangutan. The uniquely wildlife Indonesia. Here we focus to see Orangutan at Tanjung Puting National Park. It’s in the central of Kalimantan or province of central Kalimantan. Orangutan is not only living at Borneo but also at Sumatra island. But we focus to tell Orangutan for Borneo island.

Kalimantan is the second largest island of Indonesia. First largest island is Papua. Indonesian is always call Kalimantan. But many peoples also call Borneo. It’s well-known name for foreign for this time. Kalimantan island is one of world rain forest reserve. So far palm oil become a first commodity of plantation. Many of Indonesian migrated to Kalimantan from time to time. Because of low population density there.

Orangutan Borneo tour

Orangutan Borneo tour

Indonesian is always looking for a job to there. Agriculture is not so good at Kalimantan but the plantations are the main sector. There are so many investor to invest the plantation there. For this reason why many immigrant coming to Kalimantan. Tourism sector is not so popular for this time. But it’s growing slowly any places at Borneo since few years ago.

Tanjung Puting national Park tours

The great tourism destination for this time is Tanjung Puting National Park. The place is a conservation area to protect wildlife. Orangutan is the special wildlife living on the park. Tourists are always visit the Tanjung Puting National Park every time. See the wildlife at their natural habitat. Here is a center tourism of Borneo so far.

Tourists also see the natural wonder, rain forest, rivers and more. That is a greatest place to cross rivers by boat. Rivers are using instead of the road there up to the present time. However boat is first main transport from one to another villages. To this conditions are following also on tourism activities are running until this time. Tanjung Puting National Park tours is river activities to see Orangutan and other wildlife. This is one most destination for Borneo tours for this time.

Look at rehabilitation center of Orangutan. See the rain forest and proboscis or butterflies. Take a KLOTOK to cross the river. Klotok is long boat to use as a transport by locals. But the boat is modified to bring tourists. So that the facilities are modifying for tourists. This time many boat have cabins even with air conditioning. Tourists can choose the class of the boat according to your prefer to take. Let do what locals are doing. Join Borneo tours to see different nature, peoples, wildlife and more.

How to get there

This time is so easy to get Tanjung Puting National Park. Because of there are several flights connect to Pangkalan Bun in the central of Kalimantan province. The most of flights start from Jakarta and Semarang city. So that you do from Java island is better to do Borneo tour. Some flight companies are operating this time. Check it now on the internet. There is not other choice to do with ships for tour Indonesia this time.

Look in detail of flight schedule both from Jakarta or Semarang. Semarang city is the capital of central Java province. You can choose which one is prefer to do. As far as your international arrival in Jakarta, then you can fly at the same time to Pangkalan Bun. Pangkalan Bun is the capital of West Waringin regency in the central of Borneo. If you are in the middle of Indonesia, then connect your flight from Surabaya. It’s in the east part of Java island.

To there your flight to go as long as to do a tours to Tanjung Puting National Park. That is to say center or starting point for Borneo trip to Tanjung Puting National Park. The great place to see Orangutan in Indonesia.

Package tour Borneo for this time

This time easy to do a tour to Tanjung Puting national park. It’s because of flights are connecting from several major cities in Java island. Following with this conditions, so that you of course easy to make tour to there. Look so many local tour operator of Borneo island. Most of local tour operator bases on Pangkalan Bun. Because of from there to start your trip. And also your flight will arrive at Pangkalan Bun for any tour.

So far we suggest to do at least 3 days tours Borneo. Because if you do less than three days, then it is so difficult to arrange the itineraries. Borneo tour packages are including transfer in or out, tour boat, meals and boat accommodation. The tour boat for this time is serving also with air conditioning. But you need to confirm early. So that can make a good schedule. Cabin or deck can use for you. Tour boat is preparing with mosquito net, shower and toilet.

Tours Borneo Indonesia

Tours Borneo Indonesia

As far as you have 4 days, so it’s very good time to do. Because of you will cross and see more Orangutan, Proboscis, long tail macaque and some kind of birds. Four days give you more guarantee to see the wildlife there. To get in detail of Borneo tour packages, then find Borneo travel companies. Borneo tours is a part of Indonesia tours from time to time.

Borneo tours Discover Orangutan

As long as you interest for Borneo tours, then find your travel partners now. Or if you need us to recommend tour companies, so that we do. Or you just search on the internet to get right tour companies. Here we only help you to find a tour company. And also we do to give some travel information to go there. For this reason why we are here. But we focus give information to Tanjung Puting National Park. Because of it’s a good place to see wildlife up to the present time.

Maybe we also to anther place in the next time. Because of our goal is to cross all over Indonesia. Do Borneo tours now. Get information soon as long as you interest with wildlife. As long as you only need Indonesia’s wildlife tour, so that Borneo is the first place. While second place is Komodo National Park. It’s in the middle of Indonesia. Or maybe want to do combining. Just go and find the best information.

We are here doing as the bridge. But not are not association with a tour company. Our first goal is to promote Indonesia tourism. We do at all from time to time. You can do Borneo, Java and Komodo tours in once holidays. So you see a lot of Indonesia tourism with only once holidays. Let you discover Borneo this time. See Indonesia’s wildlife. Or you do in the next time. Plan now then do next time. So that you get guarantee. Borneo is great place to see from time to time.

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