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Indonesia has so many tourist attractions from time to time. To begin with nature, culture, wildlife, tradition, way of life and so much more. Imagine with our largest archipelago, where we have more than 17,000 islands are covering. For this reason Indonesia has so many islands to visit. And also so many places to see. Because of largest archipelago of the world, then visitors should to define which places to see and which islands to go. Here we bring you for Borneo tours.

We are here to inform visitors one by one our tourist destinations. Here we tell you Borneo tours in general information. Perhaps can give you several information how to go there. Where is it. What to see. And also what to do there. However Borneo tours is one of the best wildlife Indonesia should to visit. For this time we focus to inform about Borneo tours at Tanjung Puting National Park in the central of Kalimantan.

How to get there

It’s in the central of Kalimantan province. Tanjung Puting National Park is one of conservation area in Indonesia. To there so many tourists to visit from time to time. It’s so easy to go there for this time. Because of flights are connecting well to Pangkalan Bun town. Pangakalan Bun is a town where the only place to get Tanjung Puting National Park this time. It’s location of Borneo tours.

Several major cities are connecting as well to Pangkalan Bun town. That is to say Java is the only island where several cities can connect so far. To begin with flights from Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta as well as Surabaya city. Those are all in all cities are connecting to Pangkalan Bun for this time. But we suggest for better result is to start from Jakarta or Semarang city. Because of those cities are close to Pangkalan Bun. From here you start for tours Borneo.

You just connect or issue your flight tickets through online. To be sure your connecting to Pangkalan Bun. Make sure also which date you go. Here we suggest to issue the return flight ticket. That is why you have to be sure how many days to visit there. Check in detail of flight schedule both from Jakarta and Semarang. After just look in detail of Borneo tours.

What to see there

First tourist attraction to see is Orangutan. Because of Orangutan is living there. Orangutan is a wildlife tour Indonesia. Proboscis monkey and other wildlife can see there along trip. In general you see nature, rain forest, river and local peoples. So many tourist attractions to see together on Borneo tours here. Here is one of the best Indonesia tours for wildlife.

Borneo tours Indonesia

Borneo tours Indonesia

Boat for Borneo tours at Tanjung Puting National Park

KLOTOK is long typical boat using for local transportation. It’s to cross the river by local peoples as main transports from time to time. At the same time KLOTOK or boat is using for Borneo tours. Because of all tours Tajung Puting National Park should to cross the river of Kumai. Boat also is using for the accommodation along the river.

This time most of the boats have good standard. Although it is not like what you dream. But everything is going with safety equipment. Several boats are using cabin non AC or with AC. But other boats are using deck standard. Deck or cabin are using mosquito net, toilet and bathroom. Cabin boat with AC is limited. So that we suggest here to early booking. Especially on high season both deck or cabin are difficult to get for shortly confirmation.

Boat tours Borneo

Boat tours Borneo

Here i can say Borneo tours going on soft adventure. I think it’s better to see different facilities on different places. So that you have different experience every island or places in Indonesia. Borneo tours are same with tours Komodo National Park. Because of both tour Komodo and Borneo tour are using boat. Those tourist destinations also are same goal as wildlife Indonesia tours.

Borneo tours package

So far you can do more than 3 days tour to Tanjung Puting National Park. Minimum to do the tour to Borneo is three days. Because of 2 days not so good for an adventure. You can’t so many interest thing on the field. For greater and good result of Borneo tours should to do more than 3 days.

You can find Borneo tour package with locals or Indonesian tour company. Perhaps it’s good for your because of they know more about local conditions. So that you get update tour information from them. This time Borneo tours can depart every day from Jakarta and Semarang city. Borneo tour packages are the part of Indonesia tourism destination.

Indonesian tour company

A lot of local tour company of Borneo are offering Borneo tours. You can choose one of those travel companies. But you have to check the reputations and legality. It’s very important to secure your holidays. Here we suggest to take a services of Ema Tour Indonesia or Maybe you use Komodo Mega Tours. Those are Indonesian tour company. Ema Tour Indonesia is specialist for inter island tours. While Komodo Mega Tours is specialist for Komodo tour. But Komodo Mega Tours also arrange tours to Borneo.

It’s depending on you, how to choose Indonesian tour company. We are here only a bridge to give any information about Indonesia tourism. You can choose which tour companies you want to take. However to choose the tour company is not our arrangement. We only recommend to you here. But please careful how to choose it before you make tours Borneo.

Borneo tours to Tanjung Puting National Park

As long as you interest for Borneo tours, then look after for your travel partner. I am here to give you information. In the hope that meet with your plans. Maybe it gives you for reference prior to arrival. I tell you that Borneo tour is one of the best wildlife tour in Indonesia for this time. For this reason i am writing this article on this travel blog.

If you need us to give recommend to get tour company, then we can do. Or you need get more information about Borneo tours, so that we give more too. But we only to help here, not to arrange tour Borneo. However you can get other information from other travel blogs. The important thing is how you make good travel to Indonesia. Do this time through Indonesia tour packages. Because of trip Borneo is one of Indonesia tour packages. Finally we welcome you to Tanjung Puting National park. It’s in the central of Kalimantan province.

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