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We also write unique tourist attractions, special interest and more. Get more information through our articles here. We are native Indonesian bases in Labuan Bajo town. It’s in the west part of Flores island.

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Indonesia archipelago – atlas world grill

Indonesia is a largest archipelago of the world. For this reason why we continuously give tourism news for travelers. However we give tourism news from different part with different time.

Main islands or remote islands are always going to show. Whatever is happening from any island of Indonesia. To start from tourist objects, hotel, flights, travel experience, update tourism news and more.

Popular tourist destinations – atlas world grill

Java island is one best tourist destination of Indonesia. Although not all but few of destinations are popular to visit. Bali is the best island up to the present time. Bali island is barometer of Indonesia tourism.

Borneo or Kalimantan island is well-known by wild life. Especially in the central of Kalimantan. Orangutan is a world wild life tour destination. Sulawesi island is one of favorite tourist destination. Toraja land is the best tourist destination in the south of Sulawesi island.

Lombok is next island after Bali. The second paradise island of Indonesia. Rinjani summit and three Gillis are the best tourist destination there. Next to the east is Flores island. Unique island with different topography showing wonder of nature. Mix with colorful of culture and tradition.

The islands of Komodo national park become a world heritage site. Since 2013 become a new seven natural wonder of the world. That is to say the islands of Komodo dragons. The only place where you can see Komodo dragons at their natural habitat.

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To get more information, then let you read all our tourism news here. We give periodically articles. So that visitors can define which places are going to visit. If you want to get specific location then let we know. We will give you in detail.

Because we don’t give information only focus for popular tourist destination but also other islands in Indonesia. Just let we know what is going to do now or next time.