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Indonesia is largest archipelago of the world with more than 17,000 islands are covering. To begin with Sabang island in the west and Merauke (west Papua) in the east. Indonesia has more than 700 hundred ethnic group spread out all over the country. More than 1,000 languages are speaking. Indonesia is a leading diversity, colorful of culture, tradition, way of life and many more. However Indonesia is a world uniquely country in the world. For this reason why Indonesia is become a world tourism destination. A lot of tourist attractions can find both on the land and on the sea. To know more about Indonesia tourism destinations just read our articles here. Here you find; tourist destinations, Indonesia tour packages, travel agencies Indonesia and so much more.

Central Borneo at Tajung Puting National Park to see Orangutan and other wildlife

East Nusa Tenggara at Komodo National Park to see Komodo Dragons, wildlife, wonderful of corals and so much more

Central Java island to see Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple and more

Bali island to see a world paradise island, arts, temples and uniquely of Bali

Lombok island to see Sasak traditional village, Three Gillis, Rinjani summit and more

Flores island to see wonderful of Kelimutu three colored lake, traditional villages or houses, hand weaving and so much more

Sulawesi in the south part to see Toraja traditional villages and their mystic funeral and so much more

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Look in detail for Indonesia popular tour destinations this time. Find all in all popular tours Indonesia at Indonesia tour packages here. To begin with daily tour, inter island tours, snorkeling or diving, special interest tour and more.

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Flores Komodo Tour 7D/6N

Flores island and Komodo island
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Package Tour Komodo 3D2N

Tours Komodo National Park
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Borneo Java Komodo Tours 9D/8N

The island of Borneo, Java and Komodo
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Bagaimana pengalaman & pendapat mereka yang telah menjadi pelanggan dan senantiasa menggunakan layanan tour dari kami? Biarlah pelanggan kami yang berbicara & berbagi cerita dengan Anda.

Martine and David L


We want to thanks for your recommend us for tour Komodo island 3 days with Komodo Mega Tours Indonesia. Our tour boat to the islands of Komodo dragon was very good. It's cabin AC private tour boat. Only four of us on the boat with 3 DBL room. Meals along the tour Komodo island was very nice with great smelling of Indonesian spices. Our tour guide for three days was very good with well experience and English well. We have found right way for tours Komodo in 3 days with 2 night stay on deluxe boat. As we don't want to take share or open trip or whatever the name. Our private tours Komodo island we have been, was excellent. I can't say more about our Komodo tours for 3 days with Komodo Mega Tours. Thanks also for your recommend to bring us to Komodo Mega Tours. It's licensed travel company because of we paid through company account of the BNI bank. They don't serve if you pay to the personal account of their bank. All payment should to PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. We will recommend to our friends who want to visit Komodo national park in next year. Again thanks your recommend and thanks also to Komodo Mega Tours.

Naruto Uzumaki


Searching for Flores and Komodo tours Indonesia in the first time. Then we got also you here. Thanks for your team recommended us to go with Komodo Mega Tours. That is branding name of their travel market because the legal name is PT. KOMODO MEGA WISATA. Because we know along the correspondence with them. And also we know on payment processed. That is company's account they use for payment. They also not accept payment through personal account. It was very good tour company for tours Flores island and Komodo national park. We have been with Komodo Mega Tours through their Flores Komodo tour package 7D/6N along Flores island and the island of Komodo dragon. Program was selected, officers were very well communications. Car for overland with air conditioning. Tour guide was very experience and well speaking. We chosen boat option is cabin fan because our budget fit for this kind of boat. We showed many Komodo dragons and wildlife at Rinca island and Komodo island. Food on the boat was excellent. I was thinking Komodo Mega tours is leading tour company on Flores island. All professional both officer and field team. Thanks so much and we recommend to other peoples and also to our friends. Best all

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Rent Car Flores Island Trip

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Borneo tours

Borneo Tours to Tanjung Puting National Park Indonesia

14 March 2020 81x Indonesia Tourist Destinations

Indonesia has so many tourist attractions from time to time. To begin with nature, culture, wildlife, tradition, way of life and so much more. Imagine with our largest archipelago, where we have more than 17,000 islands are covering. For this... read more

Tours Komodo dragon Flores

Tours Komodo Dragon in the north part of Flores island

4 February 2020 335x Indonesia Travel Packages

Tours Komodo dragon is not only in the Komodo National Park but also in Flores island. Because of Komodo dragon not only living on the islands of Komodo. They are also living at several parts of the island of Flores... read more

Tours Komodo national park

Tours Komodo National Park

17 December 2019 271x Indonesia Travel Packages

Get great and best tours Komodo national park this time. Komodo is a national park in Indonesia. Komodo also is a world heritage site by UNESCO. Since 2013 Komodo national park becomes new seven natural wonder of the world. This... read more

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